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Custom Framing

Every artwork and framing job is unique and this is why we like to spend some time with you whilst in the gallery to ensure your special piece gets the frame it deserves. 

There are several parts to consider - single or double mat, 4 core or 8 core board, the frame itself and then glass selection just to name a few

Come on in and say hi. 

Let's see what looks great on your special piece.

Hand-made bespoke frames

Custom framing ensures a bespoke piece is designed with your taste and artwork in mind. We are lucky to have our own spray booth which allows us to custom-finish raw timber frames.

Our frames are all cut, joined and fitted within our onsite workshop.  We aim to provide you with the right information to make an informed, and enjoyable, decision.


Conservation Framing


Conservation or Archival framing has changed a lot over the years. Today's framers have access to a wide range of specialist products designed to ensure artworks are not harmed during the framing process. A conservation framed piece should be able to be returned to its original state without any damage. 

We have access to special glass, mat boards, glues and mounting products to achieve this. 

Don't let someone glue your Banksy or Bachelors degree down. These should always be framed using conservation techniques.

Prints, Posters & Paintings

There are unlimited ways to mount and frame works to suit every taste.  Regardless of what you have to frame, we can always pair it with the right techniques and materials so you get your desired look and result. 

Vintage Movie posters have become a thing of late and are always fun to frame and work on.

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Items & Objects

Who said framing was only for pictures, paintings and posters? We can frame almost anything. 

Our framed hamburger made the national news a while back! 

Do you remember grandma's teaspoon collection? They look a bit cool framed up now days. Perhaps you have a special brooch or necklace that would look great mounted in a shadow box? The options are endless. 


Check out our Instagram for some ideas - ceramics, currency, old tools, medals, tapestries, butterflies, sports jerseys, stamps, matchboxes and so on.

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Canvas Stretching 

Paintings on canvas are always a bit special. It is a skill, style and technique dating back hundreds of years. Some of the oldest surviving canvas works date back to 1410 and are in the Gemäldegalerie Museum in Berlin.

We can make canvas stretcher frames to almost any size - even round ones. 


If you have a canvas painting or a raw canvas needing stretching, call by and we can discuss your needs. 


Pictured on the right is one of several Gary Baseman 180 x 110 canvas' we stretched in-house for a local exhibition

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